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15 April 2013 @ 10:06 pm
After lots of browsing and seeing lots of cute dresses I decided to keep track of the ones I adore.

A Midsummer Night's Dream Print JSK I

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17 March 2013 @ 07:15 pm
After visiting a lolita panel at Con-G and it got me really hyped. Everyone there was SO CUTE! My friend Linda (who's totally lolita pro) laughed at me for being so eager, but how could I not be when there's so many cute girls and cute dresses surrounding me? I've found my new obsession (:
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06 January 2011 @ 07:57 pm
My friend was playing a game in Media Arts Class today called Sydney Shark and...

IT WAS INTENSE! *A* The chinese nuke was the best part for me. I recommend playing, it'll make you go wtf a lot. xD
Click image above to play. =) or here's the URL: http://www.playedonline.com/game/598079/sydney-shark.html

EDIT: High score!!
02 June 2010 @ 10:47 pm

Chi and I request from David Vincent (Grimmjow's English Voice Actor) and Anime North 2010 to say: Ulquiorra, I love you!
it was amazing *A* i had a 5 min. squeal moment afterwards.
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25 April 2010 @ 08:38 pm
Website here: http://grimmulquicomic.smackjeeves.com/

Just talking to myself.. don't mind me... xD

Chapter 1: is almost finished so there's no need to...

Chapter 2: Grimmjow nervous at home in his bed trying to think of what to do the next day with Ulquiorra. FLASHBACK to them deciding to hangout the next day. BACK to Grimmjow in his room still nervous. He falls asleep after a little more thinking. Grimmjow DREAMS of when the Ulquiorra Fanclub discovered his "secret" and decided to blackmail him, forcing him to take stalker pictures of Ulquiorra. Nightmare ends. Grimmjow walks up covered in sweat and huffing. <-none pervertedly =_=; Gets ready for school. Confrontation between Ulquiorra Fanclub and Grimmjow. Grimmjow hands over photo's, but Fanclub members complain about how the lamp is covering Ulquiorra's pretty face.

*at first grimm doesnt like ulqui romantically, fanclub finds out about his kittiness, after being forced to stalk ulqui he falls in love <-but doesn't know it... hehe "What's this feeling in my chest." scenes will definitely appear later! xD

Chapter 3: Hanging our chappy... will think about it later ~3~

Chapter ?: School decides to have a vote on whether they should keep their school uniform or not. Students would vote on no school uniforms
04 April 2010 @ 09:26 pm

So where do you think he is in this image? 8D
31 March 2010 @ 08:14 pm
Today in Biology we were watching "Eye of the Nye." It was an episode about Sex since we are learning about meiosis. During the video an interesting fact popped up and it stated: "When a male bumble bee reaches his climax, he explodes." The whole class went LASKFJNHSKJGHSKRKJVNKDJVNKDJSAG;ASOIJKLGSHWTF?!?! I ended up googling it when I got home because I was curious if it was true. Wiki answers saved me again: http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20060922112107AAKYpAy
26 March 2010 @ 05:55 pm
Today a boy in the classical guitar class said: "I broke my G-string while fingering a minor." My reaction was an immediate WTF?! But in reality, those words actually were components of a guitar... then again anyone would misunderstand. xD
18 November 2009 @ 05:22 pm

Man with brown hair is Mr. Hand... (I /ed him with Mr. Larose which is the dude standing next to him >_<;)

I believe this happened 3 days ago... During my math class, while my teacher Mr. Hand was teaching the lesson. When he pulled the chalk board down to write more equations, (yes, our chalk boards slides) half of the students started chattering, some gasped. He turned around and observed the class, uncertain of what was wrong. Then he asked: "What's wrong?" One of the female students pointed at the chalk board above of the one he was focusing on, and he noticed a big 'FUCK MATH!' written in white chalk. The class braced themselves for a long scolding, but what came out was something entirely different. I confused, innocent: "Oh no!" Everyone laughed. Mr. Hand: "Well, I'm sure the person that wrote it didn't mean to write something like that... Everyone loves math! We all know that! Oh! they probably just made a mistake..." He added a tick between the 'FUCK MATH', and wrote 'YA' "This is what they wanted to write! Fuck ya, MATH!" 8D The class laughed so hard that day, someone even gagged. This story spread like wild fire too... and now I'm spreading it to you. ;)

P.S. He's defiantly uke *cough* >_>
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17 November 2009 @ 04:49 pm
I don't know where this thought came from, but I just noticed that


Clothing covering it I think.

This image isn't very clear on if his cloth are covering it or not... BUT!

HE DEFINITELY HAS NONE IN THE ANIME VERSION! D8 What's Grimmjow going to lick to turn Ulquiorra on?! ...I swear I notice the stupidist things =_=;
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